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Air Cooled Heat Exchangers: Answering An Industry Need

Earlier this year, we announced that we will be expanding our offerings in the air-cooled heat exchanger (ACHE) market. Until now, we have served this market over the past 40+ years by offering replacement bundles, as well as field and shop retubes of existing bundles. With this latest addition, we will now be providing customers with the entire ACHE structure.

“We feel that the air-cooler market for our customer base is being under-served by current suppliers,” said Tony Phillips, CUST-O-FAB President & CEO. “There have been several shifts with current manufacturers. Between the industry need and the fact that we’ve been designing and building air cooler bundles for a number of years, entering the ACHE market was the logical next-step.”

Continuing a legacy of growth and success

Our journey has always been paved with excellence, from the expansion of our original bundle and machine shop in 2000 to the addition of our tower and vessel shop in 2007. Included in our growth are three additional locations: Beaumont, TX in 2014, Geismar, LA in 2016, and most recently, Billings, MT in 2020.

We’ve always been a company that listens to our customer needs and takes action to meet those needs. With a combination of key resources, knowledgeable craftsman, and visionary leadership, we have been able to capitalize on our current capabilities and reputation for quality with the addition of full-scale ACHE structure fabrication.

Adding ACHE adds value for customers

“Given our industry history, CUST-O-FAB is perfectly positioned for the addition of full-scale ACHE’s. And I want to stress that’s exactly what this is—an addition. This new product offering will do nothing but add value for our customers and build on our reputation for quality products,” said Phillips.

With our reputation of excellence, we’re confident that we will become the next-level industry provider of premium ACHE. Our team has 40+ years of providing quality design and fabrication of ACHE bundles in accordance with ASME codes, and over 1500 qualified weld procedures across the spectrum of all grades of material.

Our craftsmen have extensive experience in tube-to-tubesheet welded, or rolled-joint design and will continue to offer our customers leak free start-ups. And they will be providing numerous options in accordance with API661 specifications, and in line with any customer requirements.

Our expanded ACHE product line will be engineered and fabricated with individuals dedicated to air coolers, with the ASME components and final assembly will be built at our recently acquired, 100,100 square foot facility located at the Port of Catoosa.

“Our biggest differentiator is that we will be able to offer full-service solutions to our customers,” said Ron Kuegler, CUST-O-FAB’s VP of Process Equipment. “This can start at the customer site with any pre-work required, run through the OEM design and build phase, and can end up with the ACHE installation, including any and all site work required through our On-Site Services team.”

Always moving forward with the customer in mind

“CUST-O-FAB has continually maintained strong customer partnerships through years of industry change by listening to our customers and delivering the quality products and services they expect and deserve ,” said Phillips. “I’m proud to say that through all of that, we’ve also established a history of relentlessly pursuing excellence, and we’ll be operating with that same customer-centered, quality-driven tenacity with the implementation of this new ACHE product offering. And I’d like to add that every CUST-O-FAB milestone of success, including this one, would not have been possible without the hard-working dedication of our incredible team.”

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