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Bolting Specialists | ASME PCC-1 | Congratulations to our Craftsmen

Congratulations to our first group of industry professionals to complete the rigorous ASME PCC-1 Bolting Specialist training and certification process. Our employees are the most valuable part ofCUST-O-FAB, and we are extremely proud of the hard work and effort that these gentlemen put into mastering the program.

ASME Bolting Specialist Qualification Program

The course introduces the principles and practices of bolted-joint assembly. Throughout their training, craftsmen learned how to improve their ability to inspect, troubleshoot, assemble, disassemble, and tighten bolted joints safely.

Through a combination of training and testing, employees demonstrated their understanding of the principles and practices of bolted joint assembly. (Outlined in Appendix A of ASME PCC-1: Guidelines for Pressure Boundary Bolted Flange Joint Assembly).

The continued success of CUST-O-FAB relies on our qualified personnel’s expertise in performing bolted assembly. For that reason, our facility management takes focused, continual steps to keep our employees in-step with industry advancements. From the moment they become a CUST-O-FAB employee, we hold our craftsmen to a high standard of excellence. And then, as a company, we do everything in our power to foster and maintain that standard.

Things like leak-free equipment and increased safety are a result of the thorough training our employees receive. CUST-O-FAB provides workers with the latest bolting education in a hands-on format to ensure that our craftsmen gain the full range of capabilities that make up a skill.

Our first group to go through the program—a mix of both manufacturing and field personnel—completed a combined 26 hours of instructor-led, classroom, and shop training. By completing this course, each craftsman established himself as a Qualified Bolting Specialist.

Well done, gentlemen!