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COF Hits Safety Milestone At 4.5 Million Man-Hours

At CUST-O-FAB, safety always comes first.

The well-being of our employees and our customers is paramount. We train our entire team to have a human-focused mindset—think about people, and then process. As of April 2017, we’re proud to announce that this combination of empathy and precision has resulted in a safety milestone of 4.5 million man-hours without a single lost-time incident.

We’re extremely proud of everyone on the CUST-O-FAB team for accomplishing such an incredible feat. Most of all, we’re grateful to be in the position of training employees to do a job with both excellence and consideration for their fellow coworkers.

When we receive a job order, the first thing we ask is, “Can this be done safely?” Throughout the planning phase, we put the wellbeing of our employees as the highest priority and ask the hard questions to ensure that safety remains paramount. We also hire only the highest-qualified supervisors who share in our people-first approach to safety. During the course of any project, we encourage our workers to speak up at any time if they think a job is unsafe and should be stopped.

Although milestones of a million man-hours without a lost-time incident aren’t unheard of within our industry, 4.5 million is considerably rare among heat exchanger fabricators. CUST-O-FAB considers it an immense honor to be among the outstanding companies who are known for highly valuing the wellbeing of their employees. We continually strive to maintain our reputation as one of the leaders of safety in the heat exchange industry. Not surprisingly, our dedication to employee safety has been met with loyalty and gratitude from many of the industry’s elite welders, technicians, and engineers.

At the end of the day, it all comes down to treating our employees in the same way any individual wishes to be treated. At CUST-O-FAB, our employees aren’t numbers—they’re human beings with bright futures and beautiful families waiting on them to get back home. Every family deserves the peace of mind that their husband, wife, mother, father, son, or daughter will be returning home from work in as healthy a state as when they left.

And on that note, here’s to the health of our employees during the next million man-hours at CUST-O-FAB.