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One Massive Tower & One Pink Barge

We had the opportunity to work with a customer on the design and fabrication of a large-scale coker bubble tower. For this particular project, we also had the opportunity, not only to serve our customer, but also to be a part of spreading hope and awareness for breast cancer research.

The Process

We precisely engineered and fabricated the tower to strict tolerances to ensure that it would operate correctly for our customer for years to come. Our seasoned engineers didn’t miss a thing—when designing the tower, the height and the design of the structure were accounted for in regards to potential wind and seismic factors.

Constructing a tower of such magnitude was no easy task, but the entire CUST-O-FAB team was a streamlined machine. Like any other multi-pronged project, our team worked hard toward the common goal of serving our customer.

The Results

This particular coker bubble tower was fabricated by our team in Sand Springs.

  • Tower Weight: 315,850 lbs.
  • Total Weight of the Transported Load: 585,920 lbs.
  • Overall length of tower: 170’ 5”
  • Outside diameter: 146”

The fact that the tower was an expedited project added complexity, but the CUST-O-FAB team was still able to deliver an on-schedule, high-quality product that met the needs of the customer.

The Transport

Once the task of building it was complete, it was then time to transport the coker bubble tower to the Port of Catoosa. Our transport crew worked with the Oklahoma Highway Patrol in order to safely maneuver the giant tower to the port.

News crews showed up to witness the giant vessel moving down the road. As a matter of safety, we kept our convoy moving at a slow and steady speed averaging about 15 mph throughout the transportation process. OHP and utility crew members assisted in safely moving power lines and street signs that impeded the tower’s transport route.

When the tower made it to the Port of Catoosa, it was hoisted onto a barge that was painted an iconic shade of pink in an effort to spread the message of hope that one day we’ll find a cure for breast cancer. (To date, the floating vessel of hope has raised around a million dollars for the Mary Crowley Cancer Research Center in Dallas, Texas.)

Because of the tower’s vertical construction, our project planning team coordinated the tower’s installation at the refinery. We coordinated two industrial cranes that hoisted the tower into an upright position for final installation and operation at the refinery.

“Our team of talented engineers and shop craftsmen did an incredible job executing this project,” said Tony Phillips, COF’s president and CEO. “We consider it an honor that a CUST-O-FAB product of this magnitude was used as a platform for breast cancer research awareness. Opportunities like this are an important reminder that we’re more than a business. We have the power to have a positive impact—not only in our own community—but in communities across the country, as well.”

The Conclusion

CUST-O-FAB was proud to be a part of such a great project, and although we’ve delivered several vessels of this size or larger to customers across the United States, it doesn’t make us any less proud of each high-quality project that leaves our shop.

We’re committed to building on our foundation of continued success, which we attribute to our dedication to 1) our customers and 2) our core values of safety, quality, schedule, and value.

Contact us today if your company needs CUST-O-FAB’s expertise with an on-site or fabrication project.