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CUST-O-FAB – A Company of Diversification

“Recent events have caused outrage and pain throughout our nation and in the hearts of many Americans. These tragedies have initiated tough conversations in our homes and our workplaces. We at CUST-O-FAB regard the freedom of speech and beliefs as one of our many privileges as Americans.

We are a company of diversification; CUST-O-FAB will continue to embrace the principles of Inclusion and Diversity by treating all employees with respect regardless of race, religion, or political association. I have been made aware of racially insensitive and offensive comments on personal social media accounts of former/inactive employees. Please know that each of these incident reports are being investigated and managed by our Human Resources department. I would like to state very clearly that CUST-O-FAB will not tolerate racism or harassment of any kind either at the workplace or on any social media platforms. If it is anyone’s choice to act outside of our values by posting inflammatory or derogatory content, it will be CUST-O-FAB’s choice to remove these individuals from being associated with our organization.”

Tony Phillips, President & CEO