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We provide quality equipment and services to a diverse set of industries.

A number of industries rely on the quality and precision that CUST-O-FAB delivers. High-quality equipment is crucial for industries that provide a variety of high-demand products and services to both the public and private sector. The critical-path equipment that we fabricate is a key component in the mass production of various forms of fuel, commodities, and consumer goods.


In the oil and gas industry, heat transfer is a vital process in petrochemical refining. CUST-O-FAB provides high-quality equipment fabrication and on-site services to companies in the petrochemical industry that have operations requiring shell and tube heat exchangers, condensing boilers, cooling towers, and more.


Heat transfer is a critical factor in the production of fertilizers for the agricultural industry. CUST-O-FAB is able to provide customers with equipment that meets or exceeds quality standards for their fertilizer production operations.


We provide our customers in the chemicals industry with equipment for extreme temperature and pressure applications. CUST-O-FAB’s shell and tube heat exchangers are fabricated to work with a variety of heat transfer fluids, making it possible for a wide range of chemicals to be used safely in both cooling and heating processes.


Without reliable heat transfer equipment, thermal energy cannot be harnessed. Our customers in the power generation industry rely heavily on the expertise of our engineers, craftsmen, and personnel, especially in emergency turnaround situations.



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