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Our management is dedicated to leading employees in the pursuit of excellence.

Tony Phillips,
President & CEO

As an expert in the world of heat transfer, Tony’s experience and knowledge of the industry have been invaluable throughout the course of leading the CUST-O-FAB team in the daily pursuit of excellence. But when it’s all said and done, Tony is the first to tell anyone that “It’s all about our incredible employees.” He gives all credit to the men and women who make up the CUST-O-FAB team.

“I’m grateful to be serving our customers with the best team in the industry. That’s the greatest thing about this company. We’ve created a culture that’s committed to excellence. Safety. Quality. Schedule. Value. Our core values say it all. And my team gets it, they really do. Day-in and day-out, everyone is committed to delivering their very best to our customers. CUST-O-FAB is one of the best companies in the heat transfer industry, and I really believe it’s because of the team I have behind me. It’s an honor to tell our customers that no matter what their needs are, my team will find a way to get it done!”

Paul Stokes,
General Manager of Manufacturing

Paul has been working in the fabrication business for over four decades. He oversees all fabrication projects that come through CUST-O-FAB. From heat exchangers and vessels to emergency fabrication, his leadership maximizes efficiency for every project.

"Our people in the fabrication shop are incredible. You should see the projects we roll out of here. We work on massive exchangers and vessels that require highly detailed logistical planning. Our whole team works like a well-oiled machine—from project managers to our installation crews. The moment we get a customer’s request, we start getting their specifications processed, approved, and into production. It doesn’t matter if our project schedule is 3 days or 3 weeks, our customers always get high-quality equipment that’s on-schedule and meets their needs. I’m incredibly proud to be leading this group of talented engineers, welders, and craftsmen, and I honestly believe that CUST-O-FAB has the best group of supervisors in this industry."

Jeff Claybrook,
Vice President of Specialty Services

Jeff has a diverse history in the on-site and turnaround services industry. His knowledge comes from over 35 years in the business. From firsthand experience in welding to managing large companies in the heat transfer industry, Jeff’s experience is a testament to CUST-O-FAB’s agility in the On-Site Services division of the company.

“It’s a real privilege to lead our on-site crew. This division has become an efficient machine—especially on high-pressure emergency turnarounds. We know that our customers are depending on us to provide high-quality services on a tight schedule. We have 24/7 contact with our fabrication locations and a large pool of talented craftsmen that are always on-call, which really sets us apart from the competition. I think you’d be hard-pressed to find a team that’s more at home with tight turnarounds than the one we’ve got here at CUST-O-FAB. I couldn’t be more proud of our guys in the field.”