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On-Site Services

Our team of craftsmen and supervisors are experts in turnarounds, capital projects, emergency shutdowns, and all field services.

CUST-O-FAB provides customers with highly efficient On-Site Services. From scheduled turnarounds to emergency shutdowns, our dedicated On-Site division has comprehensive solutions for the challenges that arise in the field.

Emergency Callout

When an emergency shutdown occurs, we’re available 24/7 to get you back up and running as soon as possible. Our field crews know exactly how to get in, get things fixed safely, and leave your facility better than they found it.

Bolt Torquing & Tensioning

Our craftsmen are certified in the torquing and tensioning of bolts on all critical-path ASME Code equipment. From pressure vessels to heat exchangers, our bolting process is guaranteed on an wide variety of applications.

Capital Projects

CUST-O-FAB compliments its comprehensive plant fabrication services on capital equipment by providing veteran capital projects teams for long term greenfield-type projects across the country and abroad. Our team includes project controls personnel, along with the management and resources required to successfully complete your project.

Exchanger Bundle Extraction

We remove tube bundles from exchangers using a precise method that protects both the bundle and the heat exchanger. Our process ensures that bundles are extracted properly, transported efficiently, and installed safely and correctly.

Field Retubing

CUST-O-FAB performs field retubing on shell and tube heat exchangers, evaporators, refrigeration units, air coolers, quench coolers, boilers, furnaces, surface condensers, and more.

Plant Turnarounds

From scheduled plant turnarounds to emergency shutdowns, our team will get you back up and running as efficiently as possible. We have expert project managers that will assess the entirety of your situation, plan accordingly, and systematically execute each procedure.

Power Generation

Our Power Generation division is proficient in state-of-the-art processes that improve efficiency and reduce turnaround time. We can provide equipment and comprehensive services for all your Power Generation needs, including retrofits, emergency repairs, installations, and more.

Process Piping & Fabrication

CUST-O-FAB craftsmen perform specialty welding on all piping materials. Our fabrication and installation process also includes dimensional verification with mandatory interference checks.


Our seasoned team expertly plans and executes all phases of large or small scale refractory projects. CUST-O-FAB supervisors are experienced and provide our clients with the best refractory services in the industry.

Specialty Welding

Our 800+ welders are certified for a wide range of alloys and welding procedures. CUST-O-FAB also includes professional inspection and documentation.

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