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Exchanger Bundle Extraction

CUST-O-FAB uses precise methods and advanced equipment to safely and efficiently perform complex bundle extraction projects and services. Our bundle-extraction services are comprehensive. From exchanger manufacturing to the push-pull of exchanger bundles during turnaround, we’ll work with you through every step of the project.

Bundle Extraction Capabilities Overview:

  • Turnkey service from exchanger manufacturing to push-pull
  • of exchanger bundles
  • In-house training facility to ensure safe operation of equipment
  • Knowledgeable and qualified craftsmen and supervision
  • Strategically located our equipment in the central United States (Oklahoma) and on the Gulf Coast (Texas & Louisiana) for ease of transport.
  • Full arsenal of extraction and installation equipment:
    • Aerial Bundle Extractors
    • Truck-Mounted Bundle Extractors
    • Crawler Bundle Extractors
    • Bundle Transport Equipment


Details on bundle extraction equipment:

Aerial Bundle Extractor

  • Max Bundle Diameter of 110 in.
  • Max Bundle Weight of 130,000 lbs.

Truck-Mount Bundle Extractor

  • Minimum Bundle Height 2 ft.
  • Maximum Bundle Height 22 ft.
  • Maximum Bundle Weight 56,000 lbs.
  • Max Bundle Diameter is 60 in.

Crawler Bundle Extractor

  • Max Bundle Weight is 48,500 lbs.
  • Minimum Bundle Height 2 ft.
  • Max Bundle Height 14 ft.

Bundle Transport Equipment

  • Max Bundle Weight of 42,500 lbs.
  • Custom-fabricated bundle trailers for in-plant transportation of exchanger bundles and components

We have solutions for difficult bundle extractions.