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Plant Turnarounds

From scheduled plant maintenance to emergency shutdowns, our team will safely and efficiently execute your next turnaround.

Plant Turnaround Overview

  • Expert planning, estimating, and execution
  • Single-source of contact to manage projects
  • Critical-path specialists
  • Furnace erections, reformers, platforms, & heaters
  • All refractory applications
  • Preliminary diagnostics run on all lift plans and technical rigging


Expert Planning & Estimating

Our project managers will expertly assess your operation requirements and determine what size team you need, what kind of equipment is going to be safest, and the most effective plan for your company’s turnaround or shutdown.

We have a Project Controls team comprised of expert planners and estimators, and a plant turnaround team made up of a highly-skilled personnel unit. This unit functions as a Complete General Contractor and delivers Complete Mechanical Services.

CUST-O-FAB’s critical-path specialists are trained in the latest specifications and procedures. (Our preference for planning software is Primavera.)  As part of our thorough inspection process and commitment to safety, our engineers run preliminary diagnostics for all projects involving lift plans and technical rigging.

We provide our customers with detailed project status reports: Download Project Status Report Example 

Communication Is Key

CUST-O-FAB uses a single-source of contact to manage each project—one of several ways that we avoid inefficiencies and miscommunication. Our customers value the simplicity of it and the time that it saves them from talking to multiple people. A single call to one of our project managers puts the entire CUST-O-FAB team into action.

Our capabilities extend into all plant applications:

  • Furnace Erection & Revamps
  • Reformers
  • Platforms
  • Heaters
  • Towers
  • Vessels
  • Drums
  • Exchangers
  • Structural Steel

CUST-O-FAB is a registered and/or licensed mechanical contractor in key states.

States in which CUST-O-FAB is a licensed contractor:

  • Alabama-License No-49422-Classification-lndustrial Projects
  • Arkansas-License No-0332340515-Classification-Specialty-Demolition, Blasting, Fu maces,
    Fuel Burning or Heat Transfer Equipment, Stokers, Refractories, Millwright, Piping, Process
    Piping, Valve Repair, Department of Labor, Sale-Installation-Repair of Boiler and Pressure
    Vessels. #R718 & I2105
  • California-License No-968687-Classification-A-General Engineering Contractor
  • Florida-License No-1524889-Classification-CGC
  • Illinois-Office of the State Fire Marshall, Repair-Alteration of Boiler and Pressure Vessels.
  • Louisiana-License No-56623-Classification-Specialty: Industrial Piping
  • Mississippi-License No-19434-SC-Classification-Industrial Piping
  • New Mexico-License No-371827-Classification-GF08
  • Oklahoma-License No-92490-Classification-Mechanical Contractor, Department of Labor,
    Install-Service-Repair of Boiler and Pressure Vessels. #1206
  • South Carolina-License No-M112871-Classification-Mechanical Contractor-2P5
  • Tennessee-License No-8259418 ID No-00066254-Classification-Contractor, Department of
    Labor & Workforce Development, Erection-Repair-Alteration of Boilers and Pressure Vessels.
  • Utah-License No-8215732-5551-Classification-El00
  • Virginia-License No-27051S4301-Classification-Class A Contractor Classifications-EMC

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