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We provide innovative solutions for power generation.

CUST-O-FAB has a completely outfitted Power Generation division with all necessary equipment and tools for retrofits, repairs, and installation services. Our experienced craftsmen and supervisors have earned a reputation throughout the power generation industry for completing projects and shutdowns safely, on schedule, and within budget.

Our Power Generation team offers customers a single source of contact for fabrication and construction that meets customer requirements and schedules. We provide the latest technology in exhaust plenums, exhaust ductwork, and exhaust interior liner upgrades that drastically reduces external heat transfer. Not only do these upgrades make the units safer, they also make it easier to operate and maintain.

Our seasoned crew will typically execute a retrofit exhaust plenum assembly and installation in 1-2 weeks, during a scheduled maintenance outage, while still keeping the diffuser and turbine shaft in place.

We provide the following cost-effective retrofit solutions for Power Generation projects:

  • Exhaust Plenum Upgrades
  • Exhaust Interior Liner Upgrades & Repairs
  • Exhaust Ductwork & Silencers
  • Piping Fabrication & Installation
  • Steel Fabrication & Installation
  • Inlet Filterhouse & Cooling Systems
  • Inlet Ductwork & Silencers
  • ASME Code Welding
  • Specialty Welding Services
  • Boiler Upgrades & Repair
  • HRSG Solutions
  • Gas Turbine Services

Spec Sheets

Download Plenums Spec Sheet

Download HRSG Spec Sheet

Download A042 Duct Reline Spec Sheet

Trust our seasoned team with your next Power Generation project.