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Quality Hiding In Plain Sight: CUST-O-FAB Air Cooled Heat Exchangers

What you can’t see matters…

You may have seen our LinkedIn post describing the growth of our air cooled heat exchanger product line. If not, here is that link:

But what you may not have seen is hidden in plain sight: QUALITY

Oftentimes, quality is perceived from how a product looks…

✅ Do the welds look nice?
✅ Does it look clean?
✅ Does everything look straight?

Agreed, visual cues are important aspects of quality. However, vision is only one of our senses that helps us interpret quality.

Touch is another interpreter. For an air cooler, touch can help interpret vibration caused from large rotating fans and mechanical equipment. The cooler pictured in this post measured at 50% of the vibration allowed by the leading industry air cooler specification API 661.

That difference can be felt.

How about sound? Again, our design beat expectations (as measured in dB), even while sitting on a smooth, reflective, concrete surface. A properly engineered and built product will inevitably have high quality. But high quality is not the only outcome of focused efforts.

This air cooler will be SAFER than one that vibrates or generates more noise.

Quality also contributes to lower overall capital and operating costs. After all, you don’t have to fix what isn’t broken! A quality product generally lasts longer and has less operational downtime. And as everyone knows, time is money.

SAFETY, QUALITY, SCHEDULE, and VALUE… CUST-O-FAB’s four guiding principles hiding in plain sight!

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