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Air Cooled Heat Exchangers (ACHE)

Answering The Needs Of Our Customers

CUST-O-FAB has been an expert in heat transfer and fabrication since 1972.  Based on the overwhelming demand from our customers to build air coolers, also called fin fans, air heat exchangers, and air coolers, we officially launched our dedicated ACHE product line in 2020.  We offer a full-service approach to our customer’s ACHE needs, utilizing both our dedicated air cooled heat exchanger facility located in the Port of Catoosa, Oklahoma and our on-site service.

Decades of experience in designing, building, and servicing air coolers gives us and our customers a distinct advantage.

Full-Service ACHE Offering

We are combining our extensive fabrication capabilities and on-site field expertise to provide a full-service offering to the industry for air cooler needs. This offering goes through the OEM design and build stage for complete units and can be supported by our field personnel for the on-site work required, from site prep to ACHE installation. 

We also offer on-site and factory retubing, as well as parts supply for ACHE needs. Our approach to an ACHE project is to assign one project manager for either the OEM offering or a combination of OEM fabrication and on-site work—one person to contact and one company to trust for all your ACHE projects.

Dedicated air cooler manufacturing facility at the Port of Catoosa, located outside Tulsa, OK.

Key features of our air cooler facility:

  • 100,100 ft² office and manufacturing space with 89,250 ft² under crane
  • (3) 70’W x 425′ production bays
  • (17) overhead cranes ranging from 5T to 30T
  • 90T unit capacity with 22’ of hook height
  • 25′ door widths for assembling and transporting oversized shop assembled units

The benefits of locating our facility in the Port of Catoosa:

  • A central location to efficiently serve all North American customers and access the nation’s best vendor supply chain
  • Waterways which serve as a nation-leading receiving hub for all major raw materials
  • Transportation infrastructure which supports standard and oversized trucking as well as rail and ocean shipments
  • Secured Federal land on which to efficiently move and store oversized equipment awaiting customer site installation by us or others

Qualifications & Capabilities of our workforce:

  • Rapid, to-scale, 3D-based customer approval utilizing parametric modeling methods
  • 1,600+ available weld procedures to support all expected welding processes including tube-to-tubesheet welding and weld overlay
  • On-site NDE, including RT, PT, UT, MT, and RT with in-house Level II inspection certifications
  • ASME Code U, R and S certifications
  • Standard fan run-in and vibration testing with optional full-test erection and sound testing

There is no global air cooler competitor that matches the size and strength of our field service team. Serving the industry’s maintenance and turnaround needs is what built CUST-O-FAB and what drives us to be your best and most reliable air cooler manufacturer.

Key features of our air coolers:

  • Plug box, cover plate, manifold, and weld overlay headers
  • L-footed, double L-footed, embedded, and extruded finned tubes
  • Shaft up or shaft down fan/mechanical sections
    (right-angle gear drive orientation optional)
  • Galvanized steel or aluminum louvers
  • Galvanized structure standard (painted optional)
  • Forced or induced draft designs which can be built in trillions of possible configurations (from 2′ x 2′ to 25′ x 70′)
  • Available structural options include walkways, platforms, ladders, stairs, warm air recirculation, and pipe supports
  • Available transportation options include crating and part identification for field assembly

Our capabilities cover a wide range of materials that include:

  • Carbon Steel
  • All nickels (specialists in Inconel and Incoloy)
  • Titanium
  • 300 & 400 Series Stainless Steel
  • 2205 and 2207 Duplex Stainless Steel
  • Low Alloys & Low Temp 
  • Weld overlay of nozzle piping and header box
  • Chrome and Chrome Moly

We are experts in the fabrication and repair of corroded or damaged air cooled exchanger bundles.

Air Cooled Exchanger Bundle Capabilities:

  • All air cooled exchanger bundles are fabricated in compliance with ASME Code specifications.
  • Maximum weight of up to 120,000 lbs.
  • We offer a full line of replacements parts for air cooled exchanger bundles.
  • Our team is experienced in emergency repair and replacement of all bundle components.
Contact our team to get a quote on your project’s size specification.

Capable of fabrication and repair of air cooled exchanger bundles of various materials, including:

  • Carbon Steel
  • All nickels (specialists in Inconel and Incoloy)
  • Titanium
  • 300 & 400 Series Stainless Steel
  • 2205 and 2207 Duplex Stainless Steel
  • Low Alloys & Low Temp 
  • Weld overlay of nozzle piping and header box
  • Chrome and Chrome Moly

We offer the following finned tube types:

  • L-Footed Fins
  • Double-Footed Fins
  • Embedded Fins
  • Extruded Fins

24/7 Year-Round Service

All CUST-O-FAB shops and field service groups operate 24/7, 365 days per year, allowing us to better serve our customers by providing a higher quality product quicker and more efficiently.