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Air Cooled Heat Exchanger

Answering The Needs Of Our Customers

CUST-O-FAB has been an expert in heat transfer and fabrication since 1972.  We offer a full-service approach to our customer’s ACHE needs, utilizing both our On-Site service and our facilities.

Decades of experience in designing and building air cooler bundles gives us and our customers an advantage.

Full-Service ACHE Offering

We are combining our extensive fabrication capabilities and on-site field expertise to provide a full-service offering to the industry for air cooler needs. This offering goes through the OEM design and build stage for a complete unit and can be supported by our field personnel for the on-site work required, from site prep to ACHE installation. 

We also offer on-site and factory retubing, as well as parts supply for ACHE needs. Our approach to an ACHE project is to assign one project manager for either the OEM offering or a combination of OEM fabrication and on-site work—one person to contact and one company to trust for all your ACHE projects.

ACHE Capabilities

  • Complete thermal and mechanical design
  • Units up to 75’ long by 22’ wide
  • Unit weights up to 90 tons
  • All units compliant with ASME requirements and API661 specifications

Our capabilities cover a wide range of materials that include:

  • All nickels
  • 300 & 400 series stainless
  • 2205 and 2207 duplex
  • Low temp 
  • Low chrome 
  • Titanium
  • Aluminum
  • Weld overlays of header box and nozzle internals

24/7 Year-Round Service

All CUST-O-FAB shops and field service groups operate 24/7, 365 days per year, allowing us to better serve our customers by providing a higher quality product quicker and more efficiently.