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CUST-O-FAB fabricates ASME tube bundles with quality and efficiency that is not found elsewhere in the industry.

Our three dedicated bundle shops are able to handle anything from large-scale capital projects to emergency shutdown situations. Our Port of Catoosa shop specializes in ACHE bundles, and our Sand Springs, OK and Beaumont, TX shops handle TEMA-type bundles.

Every possible measure is taken to execute projects that are high-quality and on-schedule. From difficult bundle extraction and repair, to things like rod baffles and egg crate baffles, customers know that no matter the challenge, they can count on CUST-O-FAB to deliver an innovative solution.

24/7 Year-Round Service

Our bundle shops are open 24/7 to ensure that time-sensitive/emergency bundles and bundle re-tubes are executed as efficiently as possible—we're proud to have the quickest turnaround in the industry!

The CUST-O-FAB Bundle - Best In The Industry

Almost 50 years ago our customers came to us needing to solve a critical on-site problem…

One of the maintenance department’s most costly and time-consuming issues was dealing with tube-to-tubesheet joint leaks. CUST-O-FAB partnered with leaders in the tooling industry to solve this problem. R&D teams in our machine and bundle shops worked together in the pursuit of excellence.

Together, we produced the different tooling (metallurgy-specific) that we use for high-speed drilling today. CUST-O-FAB craftsmen drill our tubesheet tube holes to the tightest tolerance in the industry. The machined finish of these tube holes is another essential variable of a leak-free product that we have perfected.

Leaders In The Science Of Tube Expansion

Secondly, we are leaders in the science of tube expansion. Improved tube metallurgies are available today that are beneficial to specific plant processes. These metallurgies cannot be expanded using the tooling and processes of the past. Work hardening, embrittlement, and excessive wall-thinning are a high risk for the inexperienced. CUST-O-FAB applies the correct expansion methods because we realize that joint integrity and life expectancy go hand-in-hand.

If you took all the tubing for our heat exchanger components installed over the last 50 years, and laid them end-to-end, they would encircle the earth 49 times! CUST-O-FAB has the experience and the procedures in place that no one else has.

Tube Bundle Capabilities:

  • Bundle replacement for exchangers and ACHE
  • All tube bundles are fabricated in compliance with ASME Code and TEMA specifications.
  • Fabrication capabilities include any size up to 120 in. diameter
  • Maximum tubesheet thickness of 14 in.
  • In-kind replacements with same material or with verification of compliance to current code when required. We provide replacement Bundles with upgraded material verified by both our Thermal and Mechanical Engineering Teams, with verification of compliance to current code when required.
  • Replacement bundles with upgraded metallurgy are verified by both our Thermal and Mechanical Engineering teams.


We fabricate with the following materials:

  • All Nickels
  • Titanium
  • 300 & 400 Series Stainless Steel
  • 2205 & 2507 Duplex Stainless Steel
  • Low Alloys
  • Low Temp
  • Carbon Steel

You can depend on our team’s expertise.