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Our engineering team is proficient in strict-tolerance, thermodynamic, and mechanical design of heat transfer equipment and pressure vessels.

Our customers know they can count on us when it comes to expertly designing their critical-path heat transfer equipment. We work hard to ensure that every project meets our customer’s exact needs.

Engineering Overview

  • Dedicated team of design engineers
  • Thermal & mechanical warranties provided on specific projects
  • Projects designed & detailed in accordance with ASME, TEMA, and API standards and specifications


Thermal Analysis & Detailed Design

CUST-O-FAB engineers are experts in analyzing thermal performance  for Shell & Tube and Air Cooled heat exchangers using HTRI software. Vibration analysis and troubleshooting of new and existing S&T heat exchangers is performed using HTRI Xist® & Xvib® software. Mechanical design is performed in accordance with ASME Section VIII Div. 1 using proven industry software. Structural and support calculations are performed to meet plant-specific requirements such as wind loads, seismic factors, local loads on nozzles and attachments, etc.

An Experienced Team You Can Count On

We have the experience needed to troubleshoot performance and vibration issues and offer solutions to improve reliability. Our seasoned team is proficient in the application of ASME Code and NBIC rules for replacement parts and repair work, and skilled in the application of API standards and client specifications to meet the particular needs of each project.

Our engineers use leading-edge programs:

  • RCS
  • Compress
  • HTRI
  • AutoCAD

Collaboration That Increases Efficiency

Our project managers provide a single contact point for resolution of any project issues. They lead the effort in coordinating quality control, engineering, procurement, and manufacturing functions. It's that streamlined collaboration and communication which enables us to produce high-quality equipment and keep projects on-schedule.

Industry Compliance

All design work and drawings are completed in accordance with ASME Code and customer specifications on a per-project basis. CUST-O-FAB is a member of TEMA, and our internal standards are built around this industry standard. (Mechanical and thermal guarantee is provided in accordance with project requirements.)

We Work With Our Customers to Get the Job Done Right

CUST-O-FAB’s expert engineers are here to make your job easier and start your project with a firm foundation of design expertise and precise planning. CUST-O-FAB engineers will answer any questions you have regarding the design and engineering of your project.

Find out what our engineering team can do for you.