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Specialty Fabrication

We design and fabricate the projects no one else can. 

Our shop has earned a reputation for the ability to perform complex fabrication processes such as difficult bundle extractions, pipe spool design and fabrication, and the mechanical design and repair of boilers. In addition to specializing in unique item fabrication, we're also able to get difficult-to-source materials that others in our industry struggle to acquire.

If your project requires a difficult or unusual specification, we're your best resource for custom-fabricated equipment with special requirements.

Locating Specialty Parts for Your Project

CUST-O-FAB’s long history in the heat transfer industry has provided us with a network of vendors that allows us to better serve our customers by offering the service of locating specialty parts for unique projects. Unlike the majority of our competitors, we have direct access to items that are unavailable from standard sources.

Specialty Fabrication That's Industry Compliant

We are an experienced fabricator with the ability to perform custom manufacture, repair, and replacement of heat transfer equipment. All equipment at CUST-O-FAB is built within strict specifications that are both industry compliant and up to our company standards.

When you need specialty fabrication, you can count on CUST-O-FAB.

Hire the best custom fabricator in the industry.