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We value the same things our customers do:


CUST-O-FAB takes a people-first approach to safety. We train our employees to always keep in mind the lives that will be affected by the safety of a job. We remind them that following strict protocol has a purpose. Whether they’re fabricating equipment, performing repairs, or working in emergency situations—they know that every safety procedure is critical to the well-being of everyone involved. At the end of the day, it’s always about respecting and protecting the lives of our crew and our customers.


Quality echoes throughout the entirety of CUST-O-FAB's culture. And at the heart of our reputation for quality is our team of expertly trained employees. We hire the best to give our customers the best.

The quality of our team begins with our hiring process and is strengthened through ongoing, leading-edge training. We focus on the continued development of every CUST-O-FAB employee. It's that constant pursuit of excellence that enables us to provide our customers with the best equipment and service in the industry.


Experience has provided us with the tools to maximize efficiency. The companies that require heat transfer equipment depend on strict schedules. For our customers, we know that wasted time is wasted money. Over the last four decades, we’ve streamlined our processes to provide our customers with the highest-quality products and services in the shortest time possible.


At CUST-O-FAB, we know that value goes beyond the bottom line. We go beyond competitive pricing and commit ourselves to delivering long-term, high-value products and services to our customers. We never cut corners because we know that true value is only possible when a job is safe, quality-driven, and on-schedule. The long-term cost of disregarding safety or producing poor-quality equipment often comes in the form of unplanned shutdowns, disrupted schedules, budget overages, or, at worst, injuries to employees. By committing every aspect of our work to safety, quality, and schedule we are then—and only then—able to provide our customers with high-value equipment and services.

Learn about our award-winning safety program.